Sunday, 19 May 2013

Well You Learn Something Every Day!

I was really enjoying seeing my paper piecing come together this weekend.

So good to begin to see the pattern emerge. Above I hadn't quite trimmed the central piece to the pattern up the top. But so far so good...


When I laid out the quarters it looked a bit strange. Two looked smaller than the others.

Never mind, must be an optical illusion I said to myself; it will be OK when I sew them together...

But no, two really are smaller. In disbelief I compared the torn out paper from two centre pieces and there's 1/2" difference!

I printed two and then another two and I'm pretty sure I checked, at least for the second two that there was no scaling and it was printing at 100%, but maybe I didn't check for the first two.


I'll call this process and have another go. This was going to be a cushion. Do you think it's still worth sewing on borders in the shot cotton so the edges of the block aren't too obvious and then squaring up? Maybe it'll be hard to tell on a pillow form by the time it's curved. Can't quite face binning it...!


  1. I'd go with borders and try to save it - or move that block to a different, wonkish project. It's too pretty to trash.

  2. I think I did a similar thing when I made a pp block recently too - this should make a lovely cushion as the curve of the pillow may disguise any size issues with the block.

  3. Yes... I would absolutely use it, as a cushion or some other way. CHALK it up to process, but don't CHUCK it!

  4. Definitely. As is, it reminds me of one of the kinds of flowers you get where the lower two petals are smaller than the top two. Since it's balanced it doesn't jar and looks as if it could have been deliberate, and I think it's really lovely.

  5. This the kind of thing that happens to me all the time! Very frustrating isn't it? Honestly though I wouldn't even have noticed if you hadn't said, I'm sure the block will look lovely once made into a cushion.

  6. Yes, what everyone else said - it's too pretty to bin and I nature isn't always perfect :)


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