Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Summer Break

It's been quiet around here as I took some holidays with my family. 

We enjoyed some time up in the north of the North Island with our families over the Christmas period and then a busy day packing back home before heading off for two weeks' camping with some friends in Abel Tasman National Park which is is in the north of the South Island

Awaroa Inlet
The campsite is located in the bay in the distance in the extreme top right of this photo

This chunk of holiday time was spent in blissful disconnection (from mobile coverage and thus all internet, email etc.)

Camping here always includes a relaxing blend of walking, running, kayaking, swimming and biking for some, interspersed with lots of lounging, chatting, games, reading and plenty of delicious food and drink. 

There are lots of places to paddle; in both senses of the word.

Delightful on both grey and sunny days

The 60km of walking track in the park provides plenty of options for exploring. All in all one of my favourite kinds of holidays- back to basics!

Do I sound like a tourist brochure?! Leave me a comment saying what kind of holidays you enjoy?

Getting back to normal daily life here again now and currently I'm excited to be a part of Four in Art this year and I'm busy working on my project for this quarter. This year the theme is Colour and this quarter our inspiration is Microscopic Colour. The big reveal will be here and here on Feb 1st or thereabouts depending where in the world you live.

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