Friday, 26 July 2013

The Path to Drunkenness

Now I know why this block is called this (Drunkard's Path for those not in the know)
It'll drive me to drink I swear!

I've been procrastinating on this one for July's do. Good Stitches.  Still a few days left in July...Two blocks is enough! One warm and one cool. Good to have the opportunity to try something I'd never do on my own! Never say never!

That said, I did do this quilt incorporating curved piecing, but the bits were a bit lot bigger! Like maybe three times the size

I laid out the Wonky Crosses so far. I think I'll need about 10 more blocks and am pondering what I need more of? Have some ideas, but canvassing opinions?

And I'm enjoying doing some forward planning

Now I'm off to make Osso Buco or we'll be having dinner at midnight!
Has anything been driving you to drink?


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  1. Bickering offspring:-) In the pic it looks as if your lovely crosses quilts is essentially blue/neutral with accents of yellow and red and roughly speaking each of your long rows has on average two in the red and/or yellow, and the rest blue/neutral, so I guess additions depend on whether you want to keep that going. Your forward planning project looks as if it's going to be amazing!

  2. Grey. It's lovely as is, but if more blocks are needed, I think I would add some more grey. Am enamoured with your future planning - both drawings and fabric, love to see how others look ahead. And yes, philosophies (or differences in...) are driving me to drink lately haha!

  3. I really like your quilt with the circles on top of the squares. And the quilt you are planning looks like it's going to be beautiful.

  4. Wow! Both of your quilts are fantastic. I love your color palette in your wonky cross quilt. If you have a chance, you should hop over and share at Needle and Thread Thursday. It will be open through today.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    1. I'm so glad you decided to share at Needle and Thread Thursday! Thanks for linking!

      :) Kelly

  5. Love the blocks with circles. Definitely pinning that one.

  6. Haha! Not yet, but I am getting ready to start a Drunkards path....better watch out.

  7. Wow - I love your Wonky Crosses quilt! I think it's looking pretty balanced already, but I think a few more dark blocks would add to the drama a little. Is that forward planning for the Simply Solids Bee by any chance? If so, I'm very excited about making your block, and hoping I have the willpower to send it back to you! I have made a grand total of drunkards path blocks, and while I like the look of them I haven't made any more - they are tricky little buggers!

  8. Your forward planning looks amazing, and I love wonky crosses - on the bucket list for sure :) Good luck with the DPs - I always liked them...I hope you don't pin...pinning is bad news for sure...much easier to ease :)

  9. You have some great things going on here. Love the colors for the upcoming quilt, the wonky crosses are super; and those drunkards look to be in very good order! Keep having such fun.

  10. LOVE the wonky cross very much. My thoughts on 10 extra? more of the pale background ones, that way the others will all stand out more. It's going to be wonderful.

  11. New kitty. I've been so waiting to adopt a kitty once summer came. I love the little booger and she is so funny! But there are a few minutes ago when she's walking all over my keyboard. It's fine when I'm using my desktop, but on a laptop calamity ensues! Of course she tries to climb my design wall, wants to eat my pins, tries to eat the plants, knocks anything shaky over with a big bang. Thank goodness kitty-hood isn't as long as childhood. I can take anything: I've raised three kids!
    Your fabrics for your sketching book quilt are so yummy! Reminds me of sherbet. Your Wonky Crosses is just beautiful, but I'm no help with what else to do! Good thing other people gave ideas!


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