Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Terribly Tedious Triangle Trimming

It was great to have my friend Liz to chat with as I trimmed this pile! She seemed to be getting on much faster with her basting and quilting...

I'm being particularly fussy and exact which seems to take me ages; but I do want the points to match in this potential HST quilt in more gum tree shades (mostly colours that I didn't end up using for this). I'll let you know how the point matching goes once I'm done with this tiresome task (nearly there)!

Please tell me the done pile is bigger than either of the to do piles? Actually I don't think it is in this photo, but I've done more since then-really!

I've had some relief from triangle trimming in the guise of unpicking and re-sewing a few of the improv squares I made the other day!

I didn't like the way some of the colours were (or weren't) playing together so I switched some around. The day was particularly gloomy so the photos aren't the best.

The wonky stripes were a bit much, so morphed into 

 Likewise these didn't do it for me... so I've changed them.

When I show you the finished quilt top, you'll be able to see if you can spot what remains of them in their new guises.

Yesterday Liz helped me audition a few options for a field colour for the 12 blocks. This is a bit of a challenge when I don't have all options available, it is hard choosing from a 1" square on a colour chart and I'm thinking I might need to refine my digital skills in order to visualise the options. 

Do you have any tips as to how you do this part of the design process if you don't have the colour you want to use on hand? Do you get out your coloured pencils, or are you more technical about it?

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  1. If I don't have the fabrics on hand that I want to try in large enough quantities, I sometimes just go to the fabric store with my blocks and try them out by lying them on the bolt (or unwrap some of the bolt to get a better idea). You can take photos of them and mock them up on the computer as well. I don't find that as precise but may give you a general idea if you like pink or blue or a darker or lighter color.


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