Monday, 30 July 2012

Works in Progress

Somehow I've ended up working on three quilt tops fairly concurrently...

My HSTs have migrated from the design wall, one row at a time to the machine and the top is coming together quite quickly now.

My improvised squares have been pieced into the background, so now I'm thinking about the back for this, which will probably be pieced from odds and ends, since this quilt is mainly that.

I'm sort of reluctant to post this yet because I know that the individual pieces in this top will really "meld" by the time I've quilted it. It's going to be a bit held up though, because the Copen (Kona solid) I chose for the back really isn't as good as Cadet would be... It is so hard to choose a colour from a card with 1" squares and I haven't found a shop here which sells solids. Such a shame to have to buy more fabric ;-)!

Speaking of which, I bought this lovely stack of Moda Grunge (plus bonus Habitat on sale)  for a project I have in mind inspired by our Cambodia travels and a particular spot in Battambang

I think there'll be a bit of the Grunge left over and I rather like the look of it with the Habitat Peach Pollen, which was serendipitous rather than planned, so it'll be interesting to see what comes of that!

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