Thursday, 9 August 2012


Kirsty's asked for tips for creativity and I must say my first thought is that I'm unqualified to give any hints really...

But it has got me thinking about the things that I find inspiring. I think creativity is only a small step along the pathway from inspiration.

My top inspiration for creativity is definitely the great outdoors.

So my tips (for myself) are:

1. Get outside

2. Open my eyes and look around, camera in hand to assist new ways of seeing.

Then the hardest next step...

3. Allow myself to play.

Worrying about wastage (of time, fabric, money) is not allowed, and that's a challenge for me. Perhaps that's why I like:

Kona Solids (lots of colours for not much $)

scraps and offcuts

and digital cameras (no film or processing costs-no-the computer doesn't count!)

And I try to remind myself...

4. Never mind if it fails, enjoy the process rather than being dependent on the outcome

I've found it helps to make myself a little bit accountable to playing regularly-hence this blog.

Ferns, by Christchurch artist Neil Dawson, installed in Civic Square in Wellington, NZ

Last but not least- Inherent in this process for me is to acknowledge The Creator who couldn't help but be creative...reason enough to value creativity!


  1. Wonderful tips for creativity Camilla (& beautifully illustrated with your images). Thank you for playing along.

  2. Oh I love this post so much.
    And I agree with them all.
    And that quilt hanging from the tree is divine.

  3. Your photos are amazing! Why would you even thing you are unqualified to give tips? We keep lots of scraps and offcuts, too, as well as carton boxes, recycled paper of various descriptions... I think our craft supplies are taking over our apartment!

  4. Thank you for this post - very thoughtful. Your photographs are stunning... Makes me want to find more pattern and color in nature and be more mindful of the inspiration nature can provide (I'm an indoor type). Soon I'll be back in the concrete jungle of Tokyo - so I'm enjoying the trees and green here in Massachusetts while I can!

  5. So true! Getting myself outside is definitely one of the most inspiring things I can do. Great photos!

  6. Your eucalypt quilt is one of the best quilts I have ever seen. I am madly in love with it.

  7. Well said. Beautifully punctuated by the photographs.


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