Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I enjoyed a birthday escape to Melbourne this weekend. So neglected my craft in some ways, since Friday is normally my sewing day.  I didn't take many photos  but I had fun exploring on my own and found a few intriguing places, with a little help from my friends.

This helped me find a very groovy vintage haberdashery shop and a Japanese fabric shop in a suitably vintage building complete with manual double cagey lift door

I managed to limit myself to these Japanese text fabrics and the one at the bottom which will blend nicely with my kimono which I use as a dressing gown and is lacking a belt.

I always enjoy visiting Melbourne, where we once lived for a year, many years ago. Love the blend of old and new and class and cool in the city.

The interior of the ANZ bank is something else

We had some amazing weather come through

A restorative coffee in a laneway

Not to mention observational happenstance that seems easier when at leisure. How fortuitous that the people in the "windows" between the umbrellas are all in black and the round is juxtaposed with square and the empty and occupied chairs...

I happened across Melbourne Writers' Week happening in Federation Square so hurriedly bought a ticket for the session on at the time, on Australian history called Telling Australia's Story which was really interesting, especially for an ignoramus like me. I enjoy the chance to do spontaneous things!

It was wonderful to catch up with a dear friend, twice- for dinner at hers and brunch out at an old favourite haunt on my birthday.

Wonderful too to revel in some relaxed time with my best beloved. Had some great food together; took in a movie, watched NZ win the Bledisloe Cup (and Australia fail to score) and tried not to gloat; wandered the streets and laneways and did some browsy shopping. I'm not really a keen shopper, but it's often good with no agenda, or certain thing to find and on holiday. So we did find a couple of rather good things without trying too hard.

Amazing how just a couple of days can be so refreshing.


  1. These are really beautiful pictures. The colourful umbrellas are great, and I really love the rust coloured tree in the photograph in which everything seems to match! Beautiful natural colours for a quilt - I'm going to have to remember this for inspiration!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful outing! Love your photos and all the fab fun things you did :) Kx

  3. Thanks Kylie, I can't find you email address on your profile so hope you check back? Yes Melbourne's always a treat!

  4. Love your quilts! I had to laugh at your mention of the fortuitous ness of the melbournians all wearing black! We moved here from Queensland nearly a year ago and the main thing I noticed was the prominence of black... It's almost a bit o a uniform.

    Thanks for leaving your lovely comment on my tutorial.


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