Thursday, 4 October 2012

Blown Away

We went away for what we thought would be a week's camping at Wilpena Pound, but got no sleep at all on the first two nights due to very strong winds and one of the tents blowing over in the night. Three of the five poles snapped too. Not sure if this caused or was caused by the tent blowing over... suffice to say we came home early for a holiday at home! Comfy bed and all... Not before we'd made it safely up St Mary's Peak one day and enjoyed the campfire and some cycling for some in the remaining time.

Windy at the top too

A bit hazy, but stunning none the less

Outback colour inspiration

We did decide we'd not use our devices (computers, phones etc.) once we got home and it was actually lovely to be a bit more widely disconnected and to connect as a family at the beach, cycling, eating etc. We even went ice skating which we all enjoyed, despite various minor injuries all round!

Back to work today for some of us and the devices are on again, but we're easing back into it with school not yet back.

Before I went away I managed to finish the back of my triangles quilt and hope to get it basted today, ready for some quilting tomorrow.  Having put that link in, I see it was a whole term ago, along with my last holiday post, that I was arranging those triangles! More progress to report soon I hope!

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  1. What a shame you had such bad weather and had to retreat back home. Your photos from the time you did have are lovely. Juliex


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