Tuesday, 30 October 2012

HST Finish

It's taken a while what with one thing and another, but my HST quilt is finally finished!

I made this quilt with scraps plus the colours I pruned from the 60+ Kona colours I bought for this quilt also blogged about here.

The back is kona Peridot and some left over triangles joined end wise and trimmed. Actually I sort of forgot I'd lose the points so ended up cutting them in half lengthwise and making a couple of stripy strips instead.  But I'm happy with it although it wasn't my original idea. Sometimes mistakes end happily!

After some debate I decided to straight line quilt it in offset triangles.
While I was doing it I worried that it would overwhelm the interplay of the piecing, but it turned out OK.

Bound in 2 1/2 " wide Espresso again but I needed to do a bit of clever cribbing and hide the seam inside as I almost didn't have enough..

Loosely, I did denser lines on the darker rows and more widely spaced lines on the lighter piecing, but of course the pattern of the triangles is irregular so it's not too strict. You can see it better on the back, except where the lowering sun washes it out!

And a couple more gratuitous shots with the trees in the setting sun...

And I need to say that I was hugely inspired by Katie with this and this!


  1. Wow! Lovely quilt. And that last photo is particularly beautiful.

  2. Love your colourful HST's and your photos in the bush are stunning!

  3. You have a beautiful way with solids! And I always enjoy your nature-imbued photographs!

  4. I really like this quilt and enjoyed reading all the WIP posts and about the quilting and the link to your Blogger's Festival quilt and to Katie's Quilts, which I have seen before but still look fresh and new, too. Thanks for leaving a helpful comment on my blog and leaving a thread trail back to this quilty goodness ... :) Pat

  5. I love this quilt, and the quilting looks amazing on the back.


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