Thursday, 1 November 2012


Recently we had the pleasure of having the youngest son of some friends to stay for a couple of weeks, while his parents finished their holiday in Europe. He's 12 and a great mate of our 13 year old. They are regular visitors at each other's homes and as parents we have many values in common, so it was easy and fun.

While the others followed sporting pursuits- you know-visiting Lord's Cricket Ground and watching Chelsea play soccer(!), I don't think Julie minded having a day to herself in London! She visited some famous places too and brought me back a treat!

 I haven't come up with a worthy plan yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

I have a couple of shot cottons which I'm thinking might combine well to highlight some or all of these beauties. (Should've given them a quick iron tho'!)

The other gift I've received lately is a wonderful belated birthday gift from my Best Beloved. I confess to dropping some pretty heavy hints on this one a while ago, when I saw this featured on some design blog somewhere (though I can't quite remember where). It wasn't quite ready in time for my birthday and they didn't ship outside the States, but luckily Peter has some work colleagues who kindly shipped it for him.

It's a beautiful limited edition wooden scrabble set whose tiles use many different typographies.

The six pieces of the board click together with recessed magnets and slide away into their own little chest, with a larger drawer below for the letters and metal racks, when not in use.

Makes the pleasure of playing a game even greater!
Designed by Andrew Capener

Random bee and flower shot! Aren't euphorbias amazing?

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  1. beautiful fabrics, what an amazing gift, and the scrabble board is very stylish x


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