Monday, 11 August 2014

Finally a New Quilt for an Old Friend!

Finally I have made time to work on a new quilt!
And I'm linking up, quite justifiably I feel, to the Slow Bloggers again, who are just not slow enough for me..!

We have enjoyed having lots of visitors lately and that always gets us out and about in this beautiful place which we are enjoying rediscovering; (for those who don't know we have moved back to our old home after a number of years overseas).
-just a little taste before I show you what I've been up to on the sewing front:

We have had a couple of snow days

Always feels like a holiday when people can't make it into work or school.

We have enjoyed walking our new puppy, even though it's been pretty chilly!

Ice on the tussocks

There are always beaches, whatever the weather

Don't be fooled it's not tropical!

Inspiration for yet another quilt abounds, more ideas than I can manage to realise.

Inland day trips happen too.

 I have kept pretty much up to date with bee blocks and I recently laid out these which my bee mates made for my turn in June, of the Do. Good Stitches group, (which since this photo I have sewn together). There is one more block not shown here which is to brighten the back. I requested improvised log cabins in red, yellow and orange tones with neutral frames.

Bee sewing is the only thing I have got to until just recently. These are for August and the request was for a log cabin block in pink and blue with "I spy" centres for two baby quilts for a refuge.

Then finally this week the visitors left the sewing room, and I made time, assembled a design wall and got to cutting up shot cottons for an overdue 50th birthday present for a friend.

I've been playing around with different options and it's changed a bit from this since, but enjoying the process!

Inspired by this

Maybe I should just say "more anon"...! 


  1. Good luck getting back in the sewing swing of things! I love what I'm seeing so far...

    Your photography is always so interesting and inspiring. That shot of the snow on the hillside houses....!

  2. Your photographs are just so beautiful. I love seeing a glimpse of a part of the world I've never seen in person. Cute puppy! I know what you mean about rediscovering the beauties of home after being away for years. Your improv log cabin bee blocks are terrific.

  3. It's strange to see snow in August! Mind you our summer here in Italy has been really bad so it wouldn't suprise me if it started snowing here too! Stunning photos!
    Your design process looks very interesting. I'm curious now to see your quilt finished.

  4. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world, I truly enjoyed looking at all your pictures, what a treat for the eyes?
    Your Bee blocks look fantastic and what I love the most about it is that gray block among the lighter ones...Quite catchy...Beautiful rich color mix!

  5. Wow, stunning photographs! The skies are often amazing on a crisp winter morning, aren't they? I really like where you are headed with those shot cottons; lucky friend!

  6. What beautiful photos! I love all the recent blocks, those log cabins are great.

  7. Your photos are magical! I am looking forward to seeing where the shot cottons are taking you - it's looking amazing.

  8. I agree with everyone else, your photos are stunning! What an amazing place to live :) Ah yes us, er really slow Slow bloggers, lol. Love the bee blocks you have received :) Gorgeous baby blocks too :)
    Such great ideas for the shot cotton quilt, looking forward to seeing it's final design :) Isn't it wonderful the lift those different threads bring to what would be solid colours :)

  9. Your photographs are leaving me with a serious case of wanderlust! They are spectacular! I'm loving the shot cottons on the quilt! Awesome all around!

  10. So glad to have found you - I was right, not only are your quilts divine, your photographs of the landscape convince me NZ is a country I'd love. :)


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