Thursday, 2 April 2015


Right down to wire of the Finish Along deadline, I've finished this quilt for our Cherish Circle of Do. Good Stitches

and as we speak I'm stitching the binding on another.

We have had a bit going on personally lately in the old circle of life with a Golden Wedding, 21st Birthday and a funeral in our close family so I haven't got much done, which I kind of anticipated here, but these quilts have been hanging over me a bit, so it's been really good to have the deadline of the Finish Along

This one was made with Ashley's (from Film in the Fridge) String quilt instructions and was always going to be wild with a free for all amongst the bee members, in terms of colour, with the only proviso being to use white or low volume centre string.

I made a backing using two extra blocks and good old Ikea Nummer print

I was pleased with the binding which is a Carolyn Friedlander Architextures crosshatch.

I quilted a grid along the low volume crosses then a simple free motion square spiral for two rounds of each coloured square.  Once I wash a dry this it should be a bit more textural.

I have three quilts to gift from my months as part of Cherish Circle and I think one will be going to the Women's Refuge, one to the Hospice and one to the Night Shelter locally, where they should add a bit of cheer.


  1. Beautiful! Giving the bee members free range on the colour choices really makes for a lot of movement and play in this quilt, I really enjoy that when I look at it. Each stash and personality really comes to play xx. Somebody is going to to be so pleased when they are snuggling under it!

  2. Congrats on your finish. The string quilt is a great one for an assortment of fabric, and the center string being whiteish really ties it all together. Best wishes with your family events.

  3. That looks fantastic, Camilla. Hopefully having it done will free up more of your sewing time for 'you' things!

  4. What a lovely happy quilt - it's like a bunch of flowers or a packet of sweeties:-)

  5. String quilts are always so lovely and interesting to look at - well done!

  6. Beautiful! I like the idea of a standardized center fabric. I may try that next time!

  7. It's just beautiful, and will definitely cheer the person who receives it.

  8. It looks lovely Camille you have finished it off beautifully I'm very greatful to be apart of creating this one.. I hope it cheers someone ❤️


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