Friday, 24 April 2015

Works in Progress

Aiming for a bit of a quick progress report here:
Put together a quilt back for the shirt quilt, really nice cozy flannels, the blue stripe is from some much loved old kids' pajamas.

Pepi is getting the idea that walking/lying on the quilt when I'm taking photos/basting is not always appreciated. What a good dog!

Hoping I won't regret cobbling together some batting. I had some big offcuts of batting left but not a single piece quite large enough for this fairly large quilt so I butted them together and zigzagged. It looks as good as new... Does anyone have any experience of joining batting? Please tell me... how is it holding up..?

Anyway I basted it using my favourite pin method.

My Oakshott order for a few more blues came incredibly quickly halfway round the world.

Yummy yummy!

So now adding to these and trying for some colour decisions.

At this stage the ones on the top are possibly not going to be included, although I'm dithering about that decision (no surprises there!)

(which reminds me have you seen this? Maybe a bit of background re the love hate Kiwi Aussie relationship is necessary?)

maybe some yellow and green would be good (nod to the dear friends across the Tasman), but I don't want it to be too rainbow...

or to cut up too many samples trying to work it out...? Give me your 2c worth.
don't like this yet

Finally I've started cutting up old jeans

beginning with the lighter colours

My problem here is I'm set on largish HSTs with some corner sections like this or this but the leg width of the jeans defines my squares as a bit smaller than I'd ideally like and I'm worried about too many thick and bias seams. I do have some denim yardage and old skirts I'm using to supplement, which could yield wider bits, so the narrower jeans could all become smaller corners, but I think that might get fiddly... I'd rather make HSTs by the two squares method. then improvise colour placement on the design wall. More dithering...Could be overthinking this...?

Celebrating ANZAC long weekend here (TransTasman mateship in the trenches in Gallipoli 100 years ago) there won't be any sewing progress as we're looking forward to having some friends visit, though this lot are fellow kiwis this time round.

What have you got planned?


  1. Ooh I really like your shirt quilt - very sharp looking (and I love the added touch of outgrown pjs as part of the backing). I haven't done a frankenbatting project that's been washed but I would imagine that as long as you do some denser quilting it should be fine.

  2. I like your shirt quilt a lot! I've pieced some batting before, and it seemed to work out well. I think with the variety of fabrics and number of seams in your quilt, it should be fine. Your shot cottons are lovely--those new blues are so rich. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the jeans.

  3. I have joined batting before too but I can't comment on how well it lasts yet. Your shirt quilt looks like it would be cuddly!

  4. A lovely shirt quilt! and it'll nice & snuggle-buggle with flannel on the back! I've joined batting by hand stitching before and it seems to hold up well.


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