Friday, 18 January 2013

Before and During...

The garden has grown like billyoh (how do you spell that and what does it mean I wonder...?)!

It's gone from this:

On the 14th December

To this:

today the 17th Jan- only 1 month!

Even some baby courgettes without any AI as I thought they might need! I waited in vain for the male and female flowers to open together, then I found they'd done it by themselves; must have been some bees around after all!

 Baby Lebanese Cucumbers growing rapidly...

We put in a decent sized red pepper plant, but it's still grown, it's just that the peppers aren't very big and are a bit heat prone, despite adding shade on days over 35 deg C. Still I'm not complaining mind you...

 The aubergines are flowering so we'll see if it comes to anything. Something enjoys nibbling on its leaves- not sure what? I can't find any critters...

The lettuces are going to seed quickly, as Liz predicted, none then less we've enjoyed some leaves in a couple of salads. Alfred's corn is romping away, the beans need securing/guiding to the fence, the silver beet's ready and I'm wondering if I should've separated out the spring onions a bit? 

But all in all I'm pleasantly surprised!


  1. Wow, what a success story - it all looks very tasty:-)

  2. So satisfying to eat your own produce!
    Potatoes, beet root anyone? (Pick up only,ha ha)

  3. Wow, well done. Its so satisfying when things take off like that. My garden is struggling with too much heat and not enough water. I suspect that NZ's climate is much more suited to vegetable growing than mine!


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