Wednesday, 6 February 2013

All in Place

I don't think my mum-in-law reads my blog, otherwise the surprise will be unsurprising. (Actually, I know my mum reads this, but if any other family members/ friends do, do let me know if you don't want any spoilers in the future...!)

I have made some reversible placemats for my Mum in Law's birthday. Late unfortunately but...they're moving at the moment to the other end of the country and I know they've bought a new table, so I thought these might be a cheery gift, to arrive soon after they do at their new place, hopefully in colours she likes. They're pretty bright! They certainly brighten up our rustic outdoor table made from reclaimed and drift wood.

I used AMH Field Study Mind's Eye in Jazz and Samba with Kona Pomegranate and either Orange, Carrot or Kumquat- I can't remember and it's remarkably hard to tell from matching against the colour card!

Originally I was going to use the print on one side, quilted to the batting and plain colour on the other, but I didn't have quite enough of the Kona, so ended up having to piece the Kona solid with the print and quilting that side instead. I used bamboo batting which isn't too thick. There are two in each colourway, so they can use a matching pair if they like.

I like it better in the end anyway!

I think there might be more (if perhaps slightly more toned down) placemats in my gifting future!
Now I just need to get to the post office...


  1. That's a lovely housewarming/birthday gift. Bright colours stimulate the appetite so they'll just make everything taste better. :-)

  2. They are lovely - those colours sing out! The photos on your rustic table are great too.

  3. Absolutely love the colors. I am now thinking of adding placemats to my wonderful list of to-dos.

  4. They are so lovely. I love the colors you used.

  5. Oh wow - these are simply stunning. They may be the loveliest placemats I have ever seen!

  6. Gorgeous placemats - love the bright fabrics!

  7. Love these, well done, great bright colours perfect for summer eating.

  8. The quilting does these lovelies justice. Love to see a version for your family too.


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