Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Extravagant and Restrained

I spotted these locally last weekend. I couldn't resist!

Well actually, I hardly tried... but I did limit myself to these.

 There were lots more, including some enormous empty wooden bobbins at which I drew the line (so to speak). We have limited space and in theory I try not to acquire too much stuff...

I suspect they come from India or somewhere. There weren't details available. I wonder if the ends on the slim ones are springs? Has anyone seen these elsewhere?

One day they will grace a sewing room I hope, but for now they look beautiful anywhere.


  1. They do look Indian don't they? So pretty.

  2. I can see why you had to! They are just beautiful and make you wonder what they did in their working life. What great colour inspiration too - I could imagine a lovely quilt in those colours.

  3. They do look beautiful - evocative. I agree with Catherine - nice color inspiration!

  4. The pictures are so beautiful! You are gifted to catch the light!


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