Friday, 1 March 2013

Still Life in the Veges

I do think aubergines are the most beautiful vegetable (fruit)

Should perhaps have washed and polished these to optimise their photogenic selves, or else left the water droplets on them- must try that next time!

I picked the courgettes a little small but wanted to make a ratatouille for dinner tonight and the aubergines were a good size...

We've also had lots of delicious (and sweet) corn and lebanese cucumbers this week, so that was dinner last night with tomatoes (some of ours supplemented with bought ones since ours are still recovering from some insect infestation) to make a Greek salad with a bit of feta. Our capsicums are a bit small, but overall can't believe our vege success! Thanks to my dear friend Liz and energetic son Alfred for all their help getting the vege garden built.

What's growing in your corner of the world?


  1. Like globe artichokes,y theare very photogenic. All this talk of delicious veg is making me hungry!

  2. A very photogenic aubergine. Lovely pictures.
    It's a lovely time of year where what's for dinner is whats in the garden. I am loving MY beetroot.

  3. They are stunning aubergines! Well done. I too am an aubergine fan. I have very little picking going on at present, mostly rocket and peaches.

  4. That vegie patch is yielding some great returns.


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