Friday, 15 March 2013


The temperatures are still in the 30s (the late 80s and 90s for you Fahrenheit people) and I'm over it, but there are encouraging signs that autumn is on its way

Some colour inspiration here!

I have been thinking about a quilt capturing the colours and patterns in gum tree bark which are endlessly fascinating to me. I do have concerns that it might end up looking like camo fabric though?! Still working on that one...


  1. What beautiful leaves! I'd love to be able to replicate that marbling on silk. I can see why that gum tree bark is inspiring you.

  2. Yes you Victorians have had relentless March heat. We ve had relentless rain but no heat. Bring on autumn I say!

  3. The leaves are just stunning - it's was 30°C here ysterday - a sign that spring/summer is on its way.

  4. The leaves are stunning. I agree, what a colour combination! And that beautiful Spotted Gum bark, Spotted Gum are one of my real favourite eucalyptus trees. There is some danger nevertheless in the work looking like camo... but the combination of greys and creams are beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous leaves! I think a gum tree quilt would work beautifully, and I wouldn't worry too much about it looking like camouflage–sometimes quilts are meant for hiding under.


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