Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I managed to get the mats for my sister finished off last Friday. They're not three months late yet! But they will be by the time I deliver them to her in NZ...

Bit of a picture heavy post here-you've been warned!

There are five edge print ones and two from the centre of the print.

The edge print ones are backed with Architextures Text Black print

One of the other two has Madrona Road Charcoal Memoir and one is two thirds/one third, since I didn't have enough of all one fabric -SOML (quoting my teens, with tongue in cheek)! I never seem to know in advance how much I'll use of a particular print. 1/2 yd is my standard purchase of something I like, which is plenty for use in a quilt with other things, but not for a whole project often. Same with the red binding. My sister liked a couple of the reds I had, but I didn't have enough, so ended up buying this one from my LQS.

How much is your standard purchase of a fabric you like, but don't have a particular project in mind? Or don't you buy except for a particular project?!


  1. My standard purchase is a half yard too, or 50cm, unless it's Liberty in which case a 10cm strip suffices! I have to maintain some semblance of a budget!

  2. I would love to go for a half yard but it is usually a fat quarter unless it is very special. I love your mats and bet they will get lots of use - I'm sure she won't mind them being a little late. Juliex

  3. These are stunning! I usually get a 1/2 m/yard but it depends if I have something in mind as then I may buy more:)


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