Monday, 10 June 2013

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

It feels like such a treat to have an extra day this weekend for Queen's Birthday. Most of the time I forget we're in a Commonwealth country, but I won't say no to an extra day off. That combined with no kids sport has meant a chance to do a bit more sewing.

I finished off the fabric bowl (Nova's Nesting bowls pattern) for my friend who gave me her grandmother's fabric

and got a few more wonky crosses done 

I've even had my son's help with some hexie maths and consequently got a bit more work done on my bee blocks. I'll save that to show you when it's finished.

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Plum and June


  1. Your wonky crosses are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I adore those crosses! What fabulous fabric choices!

  3. Your wonky crosses are lovely. I love the mix of fabrics you're using--I never, ever would have put some of these things together (the Lizzy House castles print, the Field Study, the Summersville) but they look like they were meant for each other. Gorgeous!

  4. Love the wonky crosses- like Laura said a great range of fabric :o)

  5. Yes, really gorgeous!

    "Love Hope Love" is a great motto to have in a quilt especially one in such optimistic colours. That should be its name:-) Are you going to leave that middle one 'uncrossed'?

  6. I am really liking your wonky cross work. Love the wonky-ness and the colours.

  7. The fabric bowl print is brilliant, really quirky with a lovely tone to the colours. It's always nice to find something a bit different isn't it.

  8. I like your crosses and the fabric bowel was a great idea for your friend's fabric!


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