Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Road Blocks

A friend gave me this quirky fabric recently.


Or more accurately I saw it in her hall in a pile of things waiting to go to the op shop! I think it belonged to her grandmother and she's held onto it for years trying to think what to do with it. Not being a sewist (for fun at least) that task is even more daunting. Of course it's very hard for me to pass up the opportunity to hoard stash more fabric, so I happily defrauded the op shop of the income.

It's quite unusual and quite a large piece too. It might make a fun quilt back on the right project, but I'd like to make a few small things to give back to Julie. First up I've just bought Nova's nesting fabric bowls pattern. I thought this might go well with some red and blue linen to make a bowl for all those myriad storage needs.

In June all the proceeds of the sales of Nova's patterns are going to the trust fund to support Kathreen Ricketson's children who were tragically orphaned recently. Do check out Nova's post and her lovely blog.

I thought a drawstring bag for say, shoes for travelling, or something might also be a good use. And perhaps even a cushion combined with the right fabrics? What do you think it'd be good for?

I'm slowly plodding away on cross blocks. They're fun to do, but I haven't had much sewing time lately  and Liz, my dear friend and Friday sewing buddy, is away so I haven't been making time. There always seems to something else I "should" be doing!

So- that said I'm off to tick off a few jobs so I can allow myself some time to sew, perhaps even today- on a Tuesday-quelle horreur!

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  1. That fabric is really intriguing - it almost looks embroidered!

    Hope you find some sew time soon - myself, I get a little nuts if I don't have enough creative time, though I understand the "should be doing"… :-)

  2. Lucky you. The fabric is something special to look at, and I'm sure your friend will love having something made out of her grandmother's fabric.

  3. That is interesting fabric. It would be nice to make something for your friend with it :)

  4. I love those cross blocks and look forward to seeing what you do with the 'rescued from the shop pile' fabric!


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