Sunday, 28 June 2015

Ah the Task of Photographing a Q2 Finish...Plus an unlisted Pouch

Hereby my third finish for Q2 !

This is two for one- kinda!
on my list was my son's 21st quilt but the original idea wasn't coming together well at all.

It wasn't going to be this one but he likes it a lot; pronouncing it my best ever- good enough for me , so very happy to call this a 21st quilt!

I press ganged the kids to go on a photo shoot in the industrial area. Fair to say commitment and enthusiasm was a bit lacking, plus the low winter light was a bit harsh. Some good potential spots but not good photos.

This mustard doorway was nice

Clearly I have a lot to learn about quilt photography. 

Yesterday one of the other kids and I (and the dog, who's not actually an asset in the business of quilt photography) tried to get some early evening shots at the beach, but were thwarted by erosion after a recent storm, which blocked access to my location of choice and by the dual task of exercising the dog... Maybe I'll try again for the beach shots later...?

I washed this after completion so it's very wrinkly which I like in general, but wondered if it'd look better ironed here.
I settled on one pocket for the back into which I will tuck a label.

You can see I stitched mostly in the ditch for the quilting except for a double line of yellow either side of each block

Very happy with the mustard Botanics binding.

Overall very simple but good to have the family's favourite jeans preserved for posterity.

These are the 21 year old's current favourite jeans which look like they're overdue for this quilt too!?

Just whipped up this little pouch on Saturday for a friend's birthday.

Nice metal zipper and handy for things like chargers when travelling!


  1. Congratulations, a fabulous finish! I love the way the lighter patches make pinwheels whirling their way across the quilt. I imagine you got a pretty good workout quilting through all that denim too!

  2. mmmm...denim! it's perfect. and i love the pocket. :)

  3. Like you, quilt photography is not my thing. I will be driving down the road and think that spot would work nicely then get there and my skills ruin the whole thing! Your pictures are actually very nice because your quilt is so nice! I love Jean quilts...I bet it's very soft! Great job!

    Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad.


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