Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Gloves are Off

I made a quick oven glove with this improv panel which has been languishing in a drawer for too long

I learnt a few things:

Make it bigger than you think you need.

I made it nice and long but it's quite slim around the wrist, which makes it tricky over a winter jersey! I drew around my hand in what I thought was a generous manner. But clearly I'm not as generous as I should be! And it's didn't fit over the free arm of the sewing machine which made the binding stitching a bit wonky :-( I followed Maria's instructions to put the binding on the inside then topstitch on the front. Maybe try the other way next time?

It's OK it works and I still quite like it but Mark II will be better.

Annoyed that I cut out 3 hands before I tried it out...! Maybe I can try adding some wider sides...!

When all's said and done it's still a Q2 finish!


  1. What a great idea! What did you use for insulation?

  2. What a great idea! I have several improve swatches like yours that I don't want to get rid of, yet don't feel they are "quilt worthy"... this would be a super way to utilize them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Like many quilter learning new techniques, I have some of these panels stuffed away. I need new oven mots too, I am embarked by my current, store-bought ones. Thanks for the idea, and great finish!

    Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad.


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