Thursday, 4 June 2015

Back Pockets

Current work in progress is the back of the jeans quilt. I was planning to use a vintage floral flannel but plans have changed a little.

My son saw this quilt top last week and really liked it and I think it's quite a good fit for him, he's keen on his denims and this quilt represents a tour through the family's jeans of the last few years.

Also the shot cotton colour plan is still not gelling for me despite basically restarting and spending several more hours.

Sam preferred the idea of a plainer back, perhaps making use of a row of back pockets.

So I framed some back pockets but it's not quite right yet.

I think I need to narrow the frames so the blocks are closer and add another pocket and possibly move them inboard a bit. I've folded it up a bit here to try to get the visual effect.


Please excuse the picture quality. We had a deluge yesterday and the sun has not quite reappeared yet so the light is very bad today.

I kind of like the idea of using some other parts of the jeans but of course the alternative is just to stick with a plain back...Or maybe just one pocket to form the label? Maybe I like that idea better...

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  1. I do like the idea of a pocket for the label. I think the top turned out fantastic - nice work.

  2. I do like the pockets, but I'm wondering: will you be quilting it? Because lots of pockets might make it a challenge to quilt because of the thickness. I really like the other fabric you've chosen for the back, too--it seems cozy.

  3. Do you have enough pockets to have a strip of all pockets? I've seen stuff made from waist bands etc too (I've pinned loads on my recycling board if you want to look) but I worry what it would be like to stitch through!


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