Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Here goes nothing!

Well looks like I'm taking the plunge and writing a blog! Who would've thought it!  I've been thinking about this for some time since I've found myself gaining so much inspiration from others' work shared on-line. It's felt a bit like cheating looking at everyone else's stuff and not contributing to what often seems like it becomes a conversation. 

Since I'm someone who does better with a deadline, or a bit of a push, this might be one way to make myself more accountable (but only to myself). Perhaps I will do more creative stuff myself rather than living vicariously looking at others.

After a bit of thought, I've called it faffling; from a word I found in a fascinating book called The Word Museum. Hey did I manage to add a link!? Faffle is "said of work which occupies much time, the results not being satisfactory or commensurate with the labour and time expended on it".  I seem to do plenty of faffling, if one can use it as a verb, and this seems to capture the idea of being playful and of wanting to make something that IS worth the labour and time! 

I've procrastinated dreadfully about this and I think that's mainly been about the techy aspects of blogging and the design aspects. I don't feel I'm particularly good at either so it's probably my pride that feels exposed putting up something that isn't good enough. Also I've wrestled with "I don't have anything much worth posting...". But get over it and just do it hey! I'll learn as I go...(The banner, for example, will personalise in time when I figure it out).

Enough of the reasoning!

My current project on the quilting front is almost done.  I'm just waiting for the binding fabric to arrive. I'm not very zoomy with these things, but I've enjoyed the process for this one and it's been a step outside my comfort zone in its improvisational approach.

As a NZer living in Australia I'm passionately patriotic, particularly about the natural environment and I really miss NZ's wild places. But one thing I do love here are the gum trees, their colours and especially their bark. 

So I wanted to make a quilt playing with that idea.  I went out to our local conservation park and took A LOT of photos of gum trees and then Kona colour card in hand, chose about sixty (!) solid colours I could see and ordered them. In the end I think I narrowed it down to twenty something shades and started chopping with a rough plan in my head and my journal.

Here's little hint of the result, but I want to wait until I've bound it and taken it back to the source of its inspiration for some proper pics...

Part of the impetus for finally getting this blog up and running is that P and I are off to Cambodia shortly- very exciting indeed!  And I thought that I could post a bit about our travels for family and friends to see perhaps. It's a bit of a learning curve starting this while away from the usual gadgets, but honestly how hard can it be?

It's going to be strange without the kids who are all off having their own adventures this holidays, quite like old times for us travel-wise; a bit sad to go to an exciting place without them, but I think I'll get over it!


  1. Wow - I am amazed that this is up and running - definitely more techy than me...

  2. Enjoy Cambodia! We did a few days in Siem Reap during a trip to Vietnam. Fascinating place.

  3. So fun to know the origin of your blog's name and an excellent word. I am decidedly a faffler too! (If one can be a "faffler" ?!?)

  4. Oh, I love this word! It's great at describing what I do, too! :D:D


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