Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Whipping it Up

Life's been a bit crazy lately what with whipping our place into shape for sale.

We've had sterling help from my very kind and generous parents undertaking major works.

We did manage a weekend away from the jobs in hand and did some classic South Australian house-boating on the Murray River in the Riverland fruit growing area.

Our daughter is in her last school days, so together we have done a bit of reconstruction of the school uniform, which they traditionally wear on the last day of classes.

We used a summer dress (which had suffered from orange paint being "passed" across the classroom, baptising the formerly white collar); and a blue winter shirt to cut and paste (sew to speak)...

With pattern drafting help from the lovely Liz

Vaguely still wearing my favourite apron.

And voila! Pyjamas!

Now for those bee blocks...

Friday, 4 October 2013

Catching Up

Our younger son and I just got back from a brief school and house reconnaissance trip to NZ. And we had good friends visit from interstate and they gave us a hand in readying the house for sale. 

Some tidying jobs are more fun than others!

Not much to report on the sewing front here. I had a chance to sew today for the first time in ages-just a couple of (late) bee blocks for Do. Good Stitches September.

The request was any block we like but in green and cream.

Actually I lie, that wasn't all: my daughter (who only has two weeks of her school life left to run) and I did begin cutting up her school uniform (!) for the traditional end of school uniform makeover. More details in due course!

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