Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Q3 Finish Along List

Ok I've decided to take the bull by the horns and, like some other lists I've seen this quarter, actually dig out from all their lurking places, some of the unfinished projects I have. As well as getting to some of the new projects I'm more excited about, it'd feel freeing to deal to some of these UFOs...
Generally I don't consider myself too bad at starting things and leaving them unfinished but each of these present a problem of some kind which I haven't figured out how to resolve... It'd be great if 3rd Quarter might drive me to some decisions, even if that's abandonment (shock horror)! At least it'd be decided abandonment rather than guilty denial.

1. Have a quilt worth of cross blocks here, but I need to resolve the colour scheme which I liked better before I added the rust colours?


2. Have finished this quilt except for the binding. Was considering cutting it and resetting it- that discussion is for another day- which is why the quilt is still a UFO.  

3 This quilt is from the Simply Solids Bee that I was in a few years ago. I have 12 blocks of varying  sizes due to everyone's 1/4" seam being different! Can't face remaking them all- not such a good choice for a bee block- so a problem...!

But I'm dying to see the secondary pattern emerge so maybe I can think of something.

4. This was an early effort at paper piecing and I'd like to do something with this orphan block. Not quite square because I failed to print two of the pieces at 100%. Again it'd be good to have another go and see the secondary pattern emerge.

Then from last quarter these next few...

5. A quilt with these shot cottons has had a change of plan.

6.  Knitting Bag for my Mum and
7. Another bag featuring this fabric

8. Widen and complete this oven Mitt. This is only the front (or back)

9. A table runner (promised about 3 years ago) for my sister in law- design problem here...

10. Bags for our Yaktrax- often used in the ice this winter.

Then the alluring new projects:

11. A leather tote bag

12. Another quilt in the Gum Tree series (so far numbering 1!!) I have the fabric and am thinking of a chevron based design.

13. A Grunge quilt inspired by the walls in the Wallander TV series.

Of course I have other ideas of things to make, but these are so far down the list so as to be not worth mentioning!

Wish me luck!

Actually I have no thought of completing all these but good to have them itemised for my own record and accountability

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