Thursday, 7 May 2015

Work in Progress

Have been slowly making blocks for my jeans quilt

It's fun to see the pattern emerging. Not sure how big it will be in the end? These are all old jeans we have loved, except the pale teal and striped denim. The teal is from yardage, but the stripes have  been used as a shift dress for my daughter years ago.

I spotted this block while staring at the ceiling in a local concert hall and drew it in my journal when I got home, thinking it might come in handy sometime. Does it have an official name does anyone know?

Found this image here

I made a silly mistake when working out and cutting the size of the pieces, forgetting that I'd need to adjust the length of the longer pieces because there's only one seam in one direction and four in the other, so on my first attempt I didn't end up with a square block. Duh! But was easily solved by taking apart the centre seam and cutting 1" off all four of the longer pieces. It took far longer than it should have for me to work out exactly how much I should cut off, but was quicker once I stopped saying to myself "come on you should be able to do this much more easily"!!

These are the two blocks I've done so far, all present and correct.

Might mean a bit of quilt wrangling but I'm already thinking of quilting this with yellow jeans topstitching thread to highlight the darkest and lightest four panel star/cross shapes.

Meanwhile no progress on quilting the shirt quilt. I have an extra machine now thanks to my mother in law so in theory I can line them up and have two different projects going at once-so to speak, might need to grow extra arms/brain.

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  1. oh, i love denim patchwork, especially when it takes advantage of the color and wear variations. this is lovely work!

  2. Don't know if there's a name for your block but I love hearing how the inspiration struck. There is so much all around us if we just look for it.

  3. Great idea for a jeans quilt! I will look forward to seeing it progress and maybe you will inspire me to open up my big Rubbermaid container labeled many many years ago: "jeans for a quilt someday"....

  4. I've been collecting jeans, and have loads of "bricks" but I never thought of anything other than a traditional brick wall type or layout, this is fab


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